the blind cook now on twitter (and yelp)

Now that I’m all out there, I’ve decided to start linking together all my social media. My husband, the ever forward thinker when it comes to anything digital, has already set aside a Facebook page for me but it’s still barren. I’ve been on Twitter for some time but now finally have a separate account strictly for this blog and all things blind and- and food-related. Now the Twitter box to the right of this page will be updated using @theblindcook’s tweets. Since I also mentioned I’ve started writing for Eating Our Words, I will also start tweeting my latest articles as soon as they’re published. Lastly, I joined Yelp in May and will also begin to integrate my reviews into this blog, most likely via the @theblindcook Twitter, since my review numbers have been lackluster here on this blog due to my expansion into Yelp and Eating Our Words.

I used to prefer staying here in my little bubble of the Blind Cook’s world, but my husband has convinced me that I should get out there and make some cyber friends. And so I took his advice to heart and am trying to take advantage of social media outlets for that purpose. Thanks, John, for all your interactive media tips.

  • Please follow me on Twitter: my handle is @theblindcook. If you have an iPhone, there are great Twitter apps you can download, and they are entirely compatible with VoiceOver. In fact, I do virtually all my tweeting from my phone.
  • If you are on Yelp, check out my reviews. My handle on there is Christine H. As an added bonus, you can see a nice picture of me with my mannequin head friend, too.